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The Travelbug

Happy MOANday! (How do you like my pun? I am so punny. #shameless) The weekend is always such a lovely time, and then Monday comes.... :( Haha, regardless of what day of the week it is, I hope you're all doing well~ I just wanted to share a little short piece with you guys, inspired by the fact that I WANT TO TRAVEL. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous coming from a flight attendant, but I've honestly pretty much just been trapped in home base for the past week. A part of me wants to get an assignment, but the other part of me has made plans for what to do each day of the rest of this week before I finally get to go home and go on vacation. Oh the joys of never knowing your schedule~

The Travelbug

It crept silently along the edges of my small apartment, and slipped in one day without me noticing. I would feel it brush against me from time to time, but I could never get rid of it. I decided to ignore it, and that was when it all began. It had me where it wanted me.

It first crawled into my eyes and made me see how small my apartment was. The uneven, Spackle walls are so meaningless against the eroded bricks of Egyptian pyramids. The unsightly popcorn ceiling hid my view of the clouds and twinkling stars. The dim lighting couldn't compare to the luxurious views of sunrise and sunset, all "same same, but different" around the world. The potted plant at the windowsill paled in comparison to the vast gardens in European palaces.

Soon, it attacked my nose. The smell of recycled air kept me from the sweet scent of It attacked my ears. The silence of home drove me insane, yet I found myself not wishing to talk, but listen to the chirping of birds and singing of crickets. Next came my lips. The taste of filtered water simply tasted bland in comparison to all the different flavours of water from all around the world. Every bit of me itched to escape and feel the world outside.

It was undeniable... I've caught the travel bug.

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