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22 Thanks

1. Thank you for being my first midnight kiss of Alaska

2. Thank you for long car rides and naptime to Salvation Mountain

3. Thank you for a great trip to Korea and introducing me to new friends despite crazy situations.

4. Thank you for being a bro over coffee on Valentine's Day

5. Thank you for a fun Japan experience

6. Thank you for bringing me clothes and food and making sure I was okay.

7. Thank you for opening up your house to me while I aimlessly drove up the 5 and letting me feel safe.

9. Thank you for working with my crazy schedule to arrange a job opportunity near me

10. Thank you for coming with your mom to evangelize to my dad.

11. Thank you for helping to take care of my dad as I studied

12. Thank you for reaching out and making sure my FMLA went through

13. Thank you for offering me a full time job with the best pay you could negotiate

14. Thank you for meeting with me, loving on me, and sharing with me your favourite restaurant

15. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me

16. Thank you for encouraging me on my fitness journey and being a great friend to turn to about everything despite timezones

17. Thank you for inviting me into a community of kind women

18. Thank you for being my best friends from college that I can't imagine myself without.

19. Thank you for staying my friend despite having ignored you for a while.

20. Thank you for taking me out on nice and quiet adventures that let us introvert separately, but together

21. Thank you for meaningful conversations over tea, Korean food, pho, ice cream, and Starbucks

22. Thank You for the good times and the bad; the blessings and the blessings in disguise.

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