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Christmas is all about the spirit of GIVING. It doesn't matter if you are Christian or not, if you celebrate Christmas or any other wintertime holiday, this is a time of well wishes and bidding the year goodbye.

As a Christian, I celebrate Christmas as a joyous day that Jesus Christ was born. Yes, I know there is proof that it's not the actual birth date of Jesus, and it was just moved to this time of year to coincide with the yule holidays and etc.etc. Regardless, this is what Christmas means to me: God gave Christ to the world as a show of His love, and in the spirit of Christmas, we too, should give love. It's a time where family members and friends come together for meals and/or fasting. It's a time of peace and joy.

For someone who may not be Christian, I hope that you do not feel left out of the holiday season. It does not matter to me what you may or may not celebrate; I hope that you can also join in on some holiday cheer with the peppermint and chocolate and fatty foods of the season :) I use "Christmas" very loosely in this giveaway, simply because I am in the United States, where Christmas is the dominant winter holiday. This giveaway has been happening for 3 years now, and it's simply my way of sharing some holiday cheer to my cyber community~ Anyhow, I want to present to you the winner of the 2016 giveaway!


Here is a picture of ALL the participants' usernames/emails/ids/etc typed up on an excel spreadsheet. HIGHFIVE everyone, we reached 596 participants! (Don't mind the blue, for some reason, Microsoft tried to autocorrect it into an email address, and blah)

I am now randomizing the names, and then I will go onto which has chosen the number 515

And lucky number 515 is...!

Don't mind the numbers in column D, they were used to randomize*** but YAYYY hiphip hurray for Sooajin@gmail! I will be sending you an e-mail to confirm shipping address and all of that jazz <3 thank you for being a part of my online family!

For those of you who did not win, do not be sad! Be glad that you took part of a fun giveaway, and who knows? maybe our next winner will be you!

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