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25 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Hello! It is December 1st, meaning that it is time for the annual 25 Days of Christmas giveaway! To be completely honest, this year I am so unprepared that it is pretty embarrassing. I usually have a bunch of posts already pre-written, and this year, I only have a couple. Despite having pre-written about 10 posts, last year's series was a ridiculous fail, because I got super sick and ended up being unable to commit to posting every day... so please keep my health in your prayers!

As per usual, I will be choosing ONE WINNER out of all my followers (randomly), and send you a Christmas gift! Here are the rules of this year's giveaway

1. You must be subscribed to my blog, and you will be automatically given ONE ENTRY simply for being subscribed. Just enter your e-mail in the subscription form!

2. Leave a comment on my series blog posts for ONE EXTRA ENTRY EACH (max 1 comment per post, total 25 max entries)

3. Follow my Instagram @s_sewan and like the giveaway post for ONE EXTRA ENTRY.

4. REPOST my Instagram post for an ONE EXTRA ENTRY EACH repost (max 5 times). You must tag my Instagram, #ssewan25days and have your Instagram public!

5. Tag 3 people in the comments of the Instagram post for TWO EXTRA ENTRIES (max 5 times)

I decided to conglomerate a bunch of things that I have been in love with over the course of this year, and give them to one of my lucky subscribers :) Here are some of the items you will be receiving: Bath and Body Works

So first, let's start with the Bath and Body Works stuff. Frosted Cranberry ($14.50, 2/$16) is one of the scents that I go back to every holiday season. I'm not one for the spicy scents, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and the like. Instead, I tend to go for the fruity scents. This scent is so nice and cozy, and I love it! I will be including 1 single-wick Frosted Cranberry candle in this gift.

What's a holiday without champagne? This smell is so nice -- a bit tart, and I can almost taste a bit of bubbly sliding down my throat when I smell this candle. 1 single-wick Champagne Toast ($14.50, 2/$16) will be included! Cheers to a great holiday season! ;)

I love my men all suited up, and there really isn't another explanation for this scent other than "this is how a sexy man in a suit would smell like". Last Christmas, my roommate and I burnt through 3 of the Black Tie candles! Unfortunately, they are out of stock now, so the room spray will have to do. If your local Bath and Body Works is still in stock with the Black Tie candle, I highly recommend you go in and take a whiff! One 1.5 oz Black Tie room spray ($7.50, 2/$12) will be included.

As mentioned before, I love fruity scents, and this room spray will leave your room smelling super fresh and nice. :) It's a different perspective on winter scents, and I personally adore it. I will be including one 1.5 oz Snowflakes & Citrus room spray ($7.50, 2/$12) with this gift.

Before cooking or digging into your holiday meal, you definitely want to make sure your hands are squeaky clean! I have included one 1.8oz Frosted Coconut Snowball foaming mousse hand sanitizer ($5.50) for this reason :) I love this scent because it reminds me of coconut ice cream :)

Nature Republic

Face masks are important to me, so I will be including a pack of 10 assorted Nature Republic face masks! (10/$10)

Michael Kors

Next up, we have Michael Kors. Ages ago, I bought a coin purse that I used for my cards, ad I still use it. It is pretty bunched up and gross looking, but it is really very convenient. I chose this gold Metallic Leather Coin Purse ($58) for the give away because it's a nice colour to represent the holiday season :) I hope you enjoy it!

I know that for a lot of people, a Michael Kors purse isn't a "luxury" item, but it definitely is quite expensive for my family and I. I remember my first (and only) Michael Kors bag was a small, black crossbody. It was from years ago, when I saved up from my first big-girl job to buy it. I love it; it's still going strong and it matches with absolutely everything! I decided to gift this Jet Set Travel Metallic Leather Smartphone Crossbody ($168), because I believe that this style is very classic, and great for a day where you don't need much else than your cards, phone, and keys. Gold is not as versatile as the black oe I have, but it matches the coin purse, and it is a cute colour!

So I was really debating whether or not I would add a second purse into this giveaway, but I saw this beautiful red purse, and decided to go ahead and add it. It is the Selma Saffiano Leather Medium Satchel in Maroon ($298). Red is (obviously) a great holiday colour, but it is also a great colour to wear when you just need a bit of pop to add to your wardrobe. The deeper red colour makes it more wearable than a bright, vibrant red. Plus, this bag is perfect for when you might be going on a train or long bus ride, and want to bring along some reading material. I bought a similar bag for my sister a couple years back, and it's been very useful for her, so I hope that it is just as useful to the winner of the giveaway!

So that wraps up the gift-list for this giveaway. Again, please abide by the rules listed above to enter the giveaway! :)

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored, and all gift items were purchased with my own money. I am sometimes gifted items by companies for review, but this does not change my opinion of the items**

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