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Day 11 - 25 Days of Christmas

11th of 25 posts of 25 Days of Christmas giveaway series is now up! :) Please check out the linked post to read more about how you can win a gift worth over $500 in value!

* Photo not mine

Once upon a time, I was super duper addicted to coffee. I needed it so ridiculously much that I would find myself feeling agitated when I didn't have the taste of the bitter drink at least once a day. I was the girl who would get a Venti iced coffee and refill it at least twice before the end of the day. Coffee seemingly had no effect on me, but I didn't like how not having coffee effected me so much. I had to just cut it out of my life cold turkey, because I realized it was pretty detrimental for me to be so reliant on it. I'm slowly starting to drink a little bit again, and it is definitely much more effective this time around. It is nice to be able to use coffee as a stimulant, rather than just a daily routine :) Nowadays, I do find myself with a slightly more sweet tooth, and I like adding a little bit of coffee to my hot chocolate. It's like a grown up drink! ;)

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