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Day 13

Whoo, I'm finally kind of caught up! I'm sorry the past few days have been a little hectic and MIA. I have been struggling a bit with my travels, and I have been knocking out like no other. I think I may be starting to get a tad sick ]:

But anyhow, if you no idea what this blogiday giveaway series is about, please click HERE and learn about how you have the chance to win a Christmas gift worth over $300 from yours truly! It is not a sponsored giveaway; I simply want to give back to my lovely supporters, and in lieu of the holidays, I wanted to give back to you guys <3

This family photo is pretty old, but I love it. It kind of has all of us. Most of us. My two female cousins are missing, as one was in school in Canada, and I think the other one went to the restroom... but it's really hard for us to get one big picture together :) So here ya go!

I hope this season has been full of warm family snuggles and cuddles <3 I love you all, and stay safe!

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