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Day 15

I realize I did the math wrong, yesterday. I will be continuing the photo challenge, but there are only 25 days to this blogiday series, so... we are well over halfway through, haha!

Aside from my fail, let's get this post started~

If you are new to my site, welcome! You probably haven't heard about what this blogiday series is about, so click HERE! You will learn about how you are able to win a Christmas gift worth over $300~

I don't really know how to take a picture of a holiday song... so I looked up a few of my favourites on YouTube, instead! Enjoy!

There are many different covers of "Last Christmas", and one of my favourites is by Hillary Duff, but I really like this one by Chendy. I like how she put her own spin to it, and she has CATS in her videos. Sorry, cats > Hillary Duff.

I don't remember when I found this song, or how I did, but I fell in love with it, and I play it a lot during this time of year :) It's cute and sweet, and just.. original. I'm glad I can pretty much control when I listen to it, because it's not playing on the radio, and won't be in stores. :)

This one is more of a New Year's song, but it's on their Christmas album, so it counts, right? I love this song, and it makes me smile. Hehehe. I've never been kissed at midnight, and it's something I'd like to do with someone one day. :)

This one is a recent find. I literally Shazammed it 6 hours ago, and I fell in love with the cheerful tune. It has been a hard year. It really has been, and though there are so many empty seats this holiday season, it's important to also rejoice in the little things. The ones who made it through. The God who pulled us through. The twinkling lights and the Yuletide decor. Everything.

And of course, this list wouldn't be complete without the video of this Mean Girls' blunder. Has anyone else always wondered how Cady was able to pull of this dance with more confidence than everyone else, when they've done it for years? Just a random thought, haha.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, and have a fantabulous rest of the night <3

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