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Dear Scary Security,

You were really scary.

I said hello, and I think in your mind, that meant "Hello, I think you're hot and want to date you," because you went surprising lengths to corner me. As a security guard, that is scary.

Honestly, I was just being nice by saying "Hello" and "Good morning" to the person at the front desk of my workplace. You began small talk, and I was just replying as any polite person. I hate small talk. You began to ask me out, and I told you that I wasn't interested. Maybe you thought I was playing hard to get? But newsflash: I was not and am not in love with you. I even purposely spoke of a (fake) boyfriend to get you off my case, but you just came on even harder.

You really freaked me out when you would corner me to the elevator and tell me to take the next one so we can continue talking. Even when I would refuse, saying that I needed to get to work, you would try to make me stay. I told you again that I'm not interested in you, and you just shrugged it off and kept trying to engage me in uncomfortable conversation. You even went up to my floor, without any reason, to walk around and find me. I was never so thankful for dealing with a frustrating customer. That customer was the real MVP, but without me knowing, you stayed at our employee lounge area to wait for my break time! I could not understand for the life of me why you were so smitten with me, or why you felt like those feelings were reciprocated at all. I had already refused many of your advances, and declined to give you my number, and somehow you still found me on Facebook and thought it would be appropriate to try and add me. When I did not accept your friend offer, I was surprised to notice you found my Instagram and kept asking me why I did not become your Facebook friend. After blocking you on both forms of social media, you did not cease to ask me about it in person, telling me you don't understand why I didn't add/follow you back. You, sir, are a scary security guard.

When you told me you were quitting your job, I was jumping for joy. But then of course, you added that it would be my last chance to give you my number and go out. Um... no thanks. I politely told you again that I wasn't interested, and thankfully, that was the last I heard of you.

I don't know where you are now, and what you are doing, but I really hope that you found someone who is not creeped out by you. I hope that you didn't have to creep on her to get a date, at the very least.


I'm in a pretty sassy mood these days, and it's probably brought on by emotional stress. I've been running around doing a lot these days, and my introvert side is sitting on edge. I honestly pretty much forgot about this dude until my friend brought up a case at his workplace, and I got so fired up just thinking about how sometimes people just completely misread situations and make things very ... unconventional for everyone involved. Do I think the Scary Security guy intended to make me feel super uncomfortable? No. He was probably just lonely and felt like a girl who was willing to talk to him might also be willing to go on a date or two or three with him. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and I ended up getting very creeped out.

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