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I think we all have this ridiculous notion of telling ourselves we are either too good or not good enough for everything. When are we ever going to be "just right"? This world is a constant push and pull of honesty, twisted truth, and lies, and we fall right into the trap that it weaves.

Why do girls feel like being "fat" is the same as being "ugly" and "unworthy", when "fat" was once considered beautiful in certain societies? Why did women risk their lives to attain "beauty" in the form of a small waist (ie: corsets)? Why do men feel the need to be super "jacked" in order to be attractive and show off that they are well endowed (which Asians cannot be)? Society has so much control over what we think of ourselves, and it's insane!

This isn't a post about how airbrushed Miranda Kerr is, or how much companies pay to Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom. Ultimately, it comes down to ourselves. How do we view ourselves? Do we look in the mirror and nitpick at what is "ugly", and then go talk about other people in order to make ourselves feel a little better? I know I am very, very guilty of doing this.

Newsflash: we all have insecurities. We don't just all fall short of God's glory, we all fall short of our own dang societal standards. We have this idea of what a perfect person should be, whether it is who we want to be, or whom we are seeking out in a friendship or romance. The truth is that these standards of what someone "should be" are just lies. I know, I'm disappointed that I probably will never find a handsome Christian guy who is 5'10"+, able to dance with me, serenade me, play video games with me, teach me how to play the guitar, serve with me at church, and love me exactly as I am.

These IDEAS of perfection in man is a deceptive illusion that we have to learn to stop idolizing. Ultimately, the perfection we should strive for is the perfection that Jesus Christ showed us, because that is the kind of perfection we were made for -- in God's image.

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