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DIY Calendar - Dorm Room Friendly

Yellow there~ Fun fact: one of my closest friends from uni calls me "Yellow", because my personality matches the colour yellow. It has nothing to do with my ethnicity, and neither of us even thought about that until one day we were researching about racial discrimination, and "calling an Asian yellow is racist" came up. #socialsciencenerds

I know school is starting soon, so for those of you who will be living in the dorm room, this one is for you! Dorm rooms are tricky, because we're technically not allowed to put any holes into the walls, but I'm not going to lie, I used the toothpaste trick to hide any holes. Holes just made things easier, but you didn't hear it from me! ;)

First thing's first, here are some things I recommend you get! Regardless of what you bring or want to make, you have limited space in a dorm, so it is highly recommended that you use wall space! To mount, I suggest 3M hooks. They are sold pretty much anywhere that office supplies are sold: Amazon, Target, Staples, etc. They're great for hanging up things.

If you are willing to risk holes, then I would recommend these hooks. I got them from Amazon for a few bucks, and they're very easy to use. Because they're tiny, they are easily stuck into the wall, and will make for small enough holes to cover. They are much sturdier than the 3M hooks (For obvious reasons), and can help hold up larger items that aren't flat, as opposed to thumbtacks.

For things to mount flat, get some clear sticky tack. They will not ruin the walls, and aesthetically, you can even mount things that are clear!

Now that you have things to put everything up, here is the tutorial!

Custom-made Calendar

As a student, your calendar will fill up FAST with homework, quizzes, tests, and of course, your social life. To keep yourself organized and remember all your important dates, a calendar is very, very important. An easy way to create your own unique, customize-able calendar is with a cork board! I got this large cork board for quite cheap, and you can probably find one at your local office supply store. You can make it a weekly or monthly calendar by using paper, sticky tabs, thumbtacks, and anything else that you would like.

1. Name the creation!

For this DIY, I am using "Sept" for my weekly calendar. I just printed out the letters in a font I like , and cut it out. I decorated the letters to fit the theme of my room, hence the blue. I used my blue thumbtacks to secure the letters in a fashion that I liked, but I later on replaced it with tape for aesthetics. Of course, you can change out the title as often as you need.

2. Days of the Week

I just printed out the days of the week on cardstock, so that it would be more durable. I measured out the space that I want to use for creating the calendar, and divided it by 7. Afterwards, I gave myself half an inch spacing between each day, and I set the margin on Microsoft Word to create the tabs! I centered my text, and also created visible, vertical lines, so I can easily see where I need to cut. I tacked these on with two thumbtacks, two on each side for style.

3. The Days

I have a smaller cork board, so I decided on just making a weekly calendar. I didn't have much room to get creative with how my days look. If you have a larger cork board with more room, feel free to play around some more! If you are going to make a monthly calendar, use the measurements from the days of the week, and cut out rounded squares with card stock for the days of the calendar. Number each of these card stock pieces with the days of that month, and tack them down.

4. Decorate!

Use up your free space by putting things you love! I decided to pin some of my favourite photos as decoration and inspiration. I do not suggest gluing anything down, so that you have a chance to change up your decor every now and then!

5. Up, Up, and Away!

To mount, just stick pieces of sticky tack along the edges of your cork board, and secure it to the wall. stick it on, hold and press hard for a few seconds, and voila! you have mounted your customize-able, homemade calendar! I recommend writing things down on post-it strips, so that you can easily change things around. It is ready to have the dates and month changed out, and no one will have the exact same calendar as you! If you would rather not mount it up, you can of course just place it on your desk and prop it against the wall as well. Since this is my actual room and I'm allowed to make holes, I decided to screw in some hooks to create a holder.

I hope you have fun in college, and remember to study hard!

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