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Falling In Love With Flowers

If you know me personally, then you probably already know this: I am absolutely in love with floral prints. I just love flowers, and flowers make me happy :) So naturally, I like to wear flowers, and I will wear it throughout the year. Yes, even in the Fall and Winter when floral prints aren't exactly "in". My idea is: if you love it, why not? So this is an outfit I put together, and my friend and I had an impromptu photoshoot while waiting for my other friend to pick me up. Props to 2015 MLAC Miss Friendship, Tracy Jung for these stunning and goofy pics :) If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw the picture on top, but there are more~

My floral dress is actually from Forever 21. It's a buttondown, and I wish I had a picture of the back; the backless design is really quite stunning. To be honest, I probably can't get away with this outfit without freezing to death in the East Coast once actual Autumn weather hits, but it's just fine in sunny Southern California. My oversized denim jacket is extra-oversized, because I'm a size Medium, but they ran out, so I settled with a Large. The brand is Melrose and Market, and I absolutely love it. I'm so glad I did not not buy this jacket because of the sizing issue. Honestly, it just makes it all the more comfier, and I can shove more layers underneathe. My shoes are Vince Camuto, and they are surprisingly a lot more comfy than they may seem. Granted, my feet were dying bc I was walking on rocky terrain and shopping along LA, but for what it is, they are very comfy. I bought both the jacket and shoes from Nordstrom Rack, which helped me save lots, which is always a plus :)

And of course, no photoshoot would actually be completed with Sharon without a quirky photo. This is probably the photo where you can see my outfit the best, too. I really love having the denim contrast the flowy, floral fabric of my dress. It makes me happy :) It's simple, a bit dressed up, but still casual looking. I had so much fun shooting with Tracy, and I am so glad that my friend could not pick me up until later in the day <3

I hope you liked this post, and I will do more of these as I continue hunting for friends who I can take photos with :)

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