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Holiday Gift Guide for Him Under $20 (Day 3)

Hello, hello! Here is day 3 of my 25 Days of Christmas series! To learn more about the giveaway happening for this Christmas season, click here to read about the rules and details associated!

This is the second installment of my Gift Guide series, as I posted yesterday about Gifts for Her Under $20! Check it out for some inspiration on what to gift some of the ladies in your life. As I mentioned yesterday, these gifts are for inspiration purposes, and if you do have a bigger budget for gifts, all of these suggestions come with options at different price points.

Just like yesterday, I have compiled this gift guide by splitting them up into different sections based on the type of guy you are shopping for. And of course, disclaimer: this is not to set stereotypes, but to oversimplify the list for those of you who are shopping last minute, and don’t want to spend time pondering too much.

THE JOCK I'm not thinking about a dunderhead who only knows how to play football and has probably had one too many weights fall on their head. I'm simply saying that they enjoy exercising, whether it's snowboarding, surfing, lifting, American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, racquet ball, tennis, rugby, etc. etc.

Portable Water Bottle

A portable water bottle is really good for almost anyone, but especially for someone who exercises a lot. I'm sure that your friend already has one of his own, but portable water bottles (especially plastic ones) actually do not last as long as they seem. While plastic water bottles can physically look okay, constantly being refilled can actually wear down the protective barrier, and the water can become contaminated by the bottle itself. It's the same idea as to why you shouldn't refill a regular plastic water bottle multiple times.

Customized towel

People sweat, especially when they are active. That stinky smell at the gym? That's what sweat is. Of course, girls don't have smelly sweat, we sweat perfume ;) Guys on the other hand, have very, very smelly sweat that needs to be wiped away. I have guy friends who reuse their towels for multiple gym-visits, so a customized towel is not only thoughtful for the person you're gifting to, but also thoughtful for the rest of the world. If he has more towels at hand, he can rotate his towel(s) more regularly!


Going off on the theme of smelly gym goers, does anyone else dislike the smell of AXE? Of course, cologne is a more intimate gift to gift, especially if you're a girl, so gift accordingly* The best part? The gift of cologne can get you away from that pungent smell of AXE!


Chivalry is not dead! Unfortunately, I do find that it is a lot less often that we find a guy who is chivalrous enough to open car doors (and any door, for that matter) for women, bring flowers to every date, pull out chairs for women, make check-up calls to make sure friends and family gets home safely, be willing to be humiliated to protect others, and so forth. Being chivalrous doesn't just apply to the dating scene, but in daily life, in how a man treats his friends and family, regardless of gender. I fancy this person to be quite the renaissance man,

Warm Clothes

While he's busy warming everyone's heart and giving his jacket to others, he's bound to need some warmth, too.


Sometimes kind souls forget to be kind to themselves, so give them a little bit of reminder to take care! Winter is the time for dry, cracked skin, and though most guys I know don't moisturize regularly, they will surely appreciate having the option to when their skin is abused by the cold winter winds.


We've all got a kid in our hearts, waiting to be set free and eat all the ice cream in the world and binge watch Pokemon (or is that just me?), but there are definitely people we all know who let that child out a lot more than others do.

Graphic Tees Is there are cartoon your friend still can't get over? Or what about a shirt with a quote that you know will make them laugh? The possibilities are endless, and it's a personal and thoughtful gift!

Riot Society - Me So Thorny T-Shirt 2/$30 (buy multiple for multiple friends!)


Okay, so this one really, really depends on the guy you are gifting this to, but I personally think it's a cute gift to give a guy. I have quite a few guy friends who are closet plushie lovers. In fact, I have a friend who recently bought a house, and mentioned he was happy to be able to display his cute stuff. That was a bit of an endearing and awkward conversation, so I'm not going to reveal his identity, haha. I can't tell you what plushie to get, because it really depends on what your guy friend likes, whether it be Domo, Pokemon, Adventure Time, or anything.

THE OLD SOUL On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we've got the old soul who should have been born in a different era, and really shouldn't be here, but you're thankful he was born in the wrong time, anyways.

Band Tees Old souls tend to have different music tastes. If you know their favourite band, a band tee would be an awesome gift to show that you understand him!


As mentioned yesterday, DIYs are a great choice for a gift, because it's budget friendly and thoughtful. They're also one-of-a-kind, which is always nice. Of course, yesterday's DIY suggestions are all valid for the guys in our lives as well. However, I thought I'd go ahead and add another DIY suggestion for today.

Altoid's Tin Emergency Kit This idea comes from my friend who used to have an Altoid Tin iPod holder, back when everyone still had an iPod. All you need in a used Altoid tin (or honestly anything similar to this) Fill it with a bunch of little knick knacks that your friend may need, like mouth spray for when he goes on a date, a small lock for if he uses the locker room at the gym, some twine, a mini flashlight, and anything else you think may come in handy!


I wish you all happy gifting! I will be doing more posts in this series, but because I have a visitor soon, I will be taking a break from making gift guides and work on posts that I can produce more quickly and efficiently, so that I can have posts scheduled to be published on those days. Thank you for understanding! I will continue on with this series as soon as possible~

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