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Travel Diary: Switzerland

Hello there~ I recently went to Switzerland :) I was going to do a vlog, but my phone memory is really running low, so I decided to just do a photo post.

This trip came at a good time, because I really needed some time away to clear my mind and clear my senses. If you read my previous post, then you know that I have been going through a bit of a down, and I have honestly been finding it quite hard to focus on anything, really. This was a great trip to just refocus and admire what God has done and created for us.

The first day there, we just walked around a bit, since I was super jetlagged, rather heartbroken, and just... tired. For the daytime, we went on a cruise where we got to admire the sparkly water and sip coffee and tea. It was such a blessing to finally let out everything that has been weighing own my heart to my friend. She is much more experienced and wiser than me in this kind of stuff, and it was such a relief that there was someone who wasn't just bashing on the person involved, but instead listening and analyzing the situation and what happened -- Letting me take blame when I knew I had done wrong, reminding me that I am not the only one to blame, and also encouraging me to improve upon and fix what I had done wrong.

I was going to post a short clip of the water sparkling, but the format is not supported, so.... I will just post that on my Instagram :) That night, we also got to see the pretty sunset and we had a dressed up fondue date.

No fondue photos, sorry. :) It was too dark to take any photos. The fondue was amazing, though! I'm pretty sure that there was alcohol added to the cheese, because it had a nicely bitter-sweet aftertaste that left you hungry for more. It was definitely not the average melted cheese chunk that leaves you wanting to throw up from its heaviness.

The next day was a busy and packed last day in Zurich. Yes, we were only there for a couple of days. We went on a tour with Titlis to go up into the Swiss Alps. And yes, Titlis, pronounced very similarly to tit-less. Let's all secretly snicker at how ironic the name is.

On the tour, I met someone with the same sunglasses as me in a different colour! So we took some silly pictures together. Well, first, we had a regular one, because I wasn't ready to weird out a new friend with my weirdness yet,

The mountains were incredible. Huge mounds of rock and snow surrounded the entire city of lush greens and brilliant waters. I fell in love.

The sun was incredibly bright, so I was literally just shooting blindly and hoping that some of my photos came out okay. My fingers were frozen and there wasn't really much I could do with taking photos through cable car windows. Oh well :) I will probably eventually touch up some of the photos I took to post them on my IG officially, but we'll see~

After the eventful day, sleep was much needed. We left early the next day, because that's the life of a flight attendant -- never quite having enough time in a place. And... that's the end :)

Hope you all had a restful week full of blessings, joy, and stability.

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