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Wednesday in the Word

Hello there!

I know the past two weeks, I've just posted something from my classes, and I'm sorry. I know that it is a "lazy way out". It has been pretty hectic at work, and I am still working on trying to balance school with everything else that I have going on :)

This week, I wanted to talk about something different from class (but probably because I am procrastinating...). To be honest, my classes have been really challenging. I just happen to be someone who takes a long time to think everything over before I can respond, and it really frustrates me that I have to write so many responses in quick succession and with word limitations! It is something that is taking me quite some time to get used to.

Today, I wanted to share with you my QT reflection on Romans 12:12

" Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. " - Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12 is a very special verse to me, because in the times I struggled the hardest, this verse reminded me to have faith.

Accepting Christ doesn't mean getting everything you want. It means having hope - not necessarily in your situation, but in your life. In hard times, it doesn't necessarily mean God will deliver you from hurt, anguish, frustration, or even death. It means being prepared and wait for better times, be it on earth or Home. And when bitterness, fear, anxiety bubbles in our hearts, we should pray, and find again the spirit to rejoice and be patient.

I rejoice in knowing that God is sovereign, and His Will will be done, regardless of how dire a situation may be. I will be patient in awaiting His timing. I will be steadfast in prayer, knowing only in Him will I be able to find joy and patience.

What do you find yourself struggling with? What holds you back from rejoicing? Are you patient? (I am definitely not patient at all). Do your struggles keep you from praying wholeheartedly? :)

Just things to ponder on and challenge yourself with for this week! I will be trying to post at least once more this week, but no promises! Hopefully after January, things will calm down a bit, and I will have a better grasp of my schedule :) Talk to you soon <3

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