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What To Do When Riding a Plane

Hello, it's been a bit. I have been travelling, and it's been a bit crazy on my end, trying to get the shop going soon, and stuff. :) But nonetheless, I have this cute little post that is a different style than usual, and I hope you all enjoy! <3

#1. Always be respectful.

Take this rule with you off the plane, too.

#2. Always smile. It will make your ride in a lot better if you smiled at your flight attendants and whomever you're travelling with.

#3. Always help someone who looks like they need help. It will make your experience fly by a lot faster. Pun intended.

#4. Always: Constant vigilance. The Harry Potter characters didn't survive purely on luck, y'know!

#5. Talk to strangers.

This is actually the meat of this entire post. Allow me to elaborate.

I was on a flight from Los Angeles back to New Jersey when it happened. I was seated in window seat, and in the aisle seat was a man of probably his mid fifties. He was very kindly, and he seemed to be someone who rode on planes often. As we're on the flight, I notice that he is reading a lot of research and news on the Christian community, and his email read "Dear Faculty..." (I'm sorry, I look around a lot to figure out my surroundings). I asked him if he's a Theology professor, and he said that he is! So for most of the flight, we talked about spirituality and various topics about the church and faith. He actually teaches at a university nearby where I live, and he even invited me to take a class or two at the school. I don't know when I'll have the time to, but that is certainly an exciting opportunity. It also came up that he wrote a book about why his faith is strong, and he offered to send me a copy of the book.

I never really expected him to send me anything, I just thought that it was much more just a casual "I'll send you a copy," rather than a promise. I was in and out of New Jersey for a while, and when I returned, guess what I found? A package from him, and his book was in it!

I haven't had the chance to actually crack it open and read it yet, but from what he told me, the story is such a touching one: God molds us in such interesting ways that we cannot even begin to fathom. The darkest of times is where He shines the brightest, and when we are the weakest, He is strongest for us. I'm excited to read his book soon!

But truly, the most blessed flights I've had were the flights where I've sucked up my introverted-ness and let myself talk to strangers. It is so rewarding to be able to have opportunities to meet random, wonderful people.

Have any of you had any interesting interactions with strangers? Let me know! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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